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    Five Valentine Gifts for your Beloved

    Five Valentine Gifts for your Beloved

    The big day is right around the corner - the day of confessions, of grand and little gestures, of kisses and eye-rolls. And here you are, breaking your head for ideas and surfing the internet for what to give your loved one this Valentine’s day. Ah, the things we do for love.

    Well, you’re welcome, for we’ve got you covered. Here are five gifts that will completely win your valentine over.

    A Self-Care Kit

    Isn’t it annoying that your sweetheart goes to all ends to take care of you but never takes out time for themselves? Show them you notice every little thing and would simply like to give back.

    A self-care kit could be a few scented candles and bath bombs or a skin care set or a dry fruit jar along with their favourite chamomile tea. You can even personalise your self-care kit with their favourite candy, book or music album. And don’t forget to leave in little notes that will leave them blushing!


    This one’s a classic. A piece of jewellery is timeless and memorable. What’s more - they will wear it around proudly and flaunt it to the world. Be it a gorgeous necklace or the bracelet that they’ve always wanted, the charm of jewellery is that it is intimate and personal.

    If your lover boy or girl isn’t the jewellery-wearing type, how about simple ones like cuff-links or a tiny brooch? Or you can go all out and embarrass them with a grand tiara! Whatever your pick, a jewellery is a foolproof choice for a present, especially for all you last-minute-rs.

    Luxury Clothing

    If your partner is a fashion freak or simply a sucker for luxury fabric, here’s the chance to give them that cashmere sweater they were looking up online or that silk scarf they dropped from the cart out of shopper’s guilt. Besides, getting such a gift from you would make it all the more special for them. It’s a piece of you that they can wear or curl up in on days when they miss you terribly.

    An Exotic Plant

    You have come a long way in your love. You’ve grown and risen in love. A metaphor for the love that you’ve nurtured together, a little pot of plant is a very thoughtful and meaningful gift.

    Be creative and unique - get them a bonsai tree or an eccentric flowering plant for the far lands! You can water your plant and watch it grow together. The care you put into raising your plant will reflect how much you mean to each other.

    A Rare Book Edition or Album

    If you want to leave them screaming and leaping into your arms, find them a rare edition of their favorite book or music album or even a comic series if your partner is an adorable little geek.

    It shows them how much attention you pay to their interests. The effort you put into finding something that means so much to them is sure to get them all starry-eyed. It’s not easy, but once again, the things you do for love!


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