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    6 Ways to Keep your Diamond Ring Sparkling

    6 Ways to Keep your Diamond Ring Sparkling

    Whether it is from your engagement or a gift you bought for yourself, the magic of a diamond ring lies is in its sparkle. While the diamond might be the hardest material in the world, it needs just as much careful and regular care to maintain its sparkle. The good news is, you don’t need to go a jewelry store to get it professionally done as often as you think. There are ways to take care of your diamond ring to make sure it is sparkling.

    Here are 6 ways to take care of your diamond ring to keep it sparkling for years to come.

    • Cleaning your ring on a regular basis is important to maintain the diamond’s sparkle. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t use any detergent or substances (like baking soda or chlorine) that may be abrasive, since they may chip at your ring over time. It is often advised to make use of materials like ivory soap with warm water. There are also simple steps that can be followed to clean your diamond ring at home just like a professional.
    • Make sure you store your diamond ring in a separate padded box, away from other jewelry. Sharing space with sharp jewelry could scratch the diamonds on it. The padding will also ensure the protection of the sparkle of the diamond.
    • When cleaning your ring make sure that you are gentle with it. Don’t use any material which is too rough to clean the ring. Try to use materials like soft microfiber cloths or toothbrushes with soft bristles. Delicate materials avoid the diamond from getting scratched.
    • Diamond is infamous for attracting grease. To make sure that your diamond ring is sparkling as good as new, try to clean your diamond ring at least once every week. This will help remove the oil and grease from the ring and maintain its sparkle.
    • Be careful about the choice of location where you choose to keep your diamond ring. Don’t keep it in any place that is too humid or extremely dry. Find a location that has a balanced temperature and atmosphere to keep your ring to keep it sparkling more easily.
    • If you wear your ring all the time, then make sure you remove it before getting into the shower. The moisture from the shower will have an adverse impact on your diamond ring’s sparkle.

    So, here you have all the great tips and tricks to maintain the sheen on your diamond ring. For more information and great selection of diamonds, connect with us at Zee Diamonds.

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