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    The exquisite beauty of Black Diamond Jewelry

    The exquisite beauty of Black Diamond Jewelry

    Black Diamonds gained popularity in the late 20th century. With its stunning color and versatile usage, black diamonds have become a magnificent and an integral part of the jewelry world. Interestingly, the black diamond is one of the rarest diamonds discovered and is therefore much more valuable than the regular diamonds.

    Due to its vibrant dark hues and rising popularity, jewelry makers and businesses are using it in both traditional and modern designs. Today we find several jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets studded and adorned with this stunning diamond that looks extremely elegant and luxurious. 

    You will be surprised to know that black diamonds are the hardest of all the diamonds, even if we take into consideration the pale and neutral ones. If you are, the owner of black diamond jewelry, you shouldn't be bothered about it losing its luster like some other gemstones. It sustains its brilliant shine for long periods with a simple cleaning routine. Just wipe it with a clean and dry cotton swab and store it or simply use soap, warm water, and a soft brush to deep clean it effectively.

    To create an aesthetic visual contrast, black diamonds are generally paired with platinum or white gold. They look amazingly stunning with colorless diamonds too. Well, they will look marvelous with just about anything! 

    What are Black Diamonds?

    Black diamonds are formed from the same process from which the conventional diamonds are formed, from high pressure on the element of carbon under the earth's surface during thousands of years. Their unique black color comes from the presence of graphite and other impurities at the time of formation. The graphite infusion is the only thing that separates or differentiates black diamonds from colorless diamonds. They possess a polycrystalline structure due to which the black color looks opaque and magnificently dark.

    Are they of lesser value?

    It's just the opposite! Natural black diamonds are fancy colored diamonds. Most natural fancy colored diamonds that are found are rare and are of extremely high value. They are so rare that they are found only at two locations, that is, Brazil and Central Africa. The price of these diamonds mostly depends on the intensity of the color. Black diamonds though not the most expensive but the prices can soar higher with increased demand.

    Are they suitable for fine jewelry?

    Of course, they are! We all know that black is one of the most versatile colors. It fits everywhere! Similarly, black diamonds go with any kind of setting and jewelry type. They look stunning in delicate and simple pieces like earrings, wedding bands, and fashion rings as well as chunky necklaces and bracelets. They are majorly used to adorn exclusive and luxurious creations due to their rarity. People are drawn to their mysteriously fascinating design. Many celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence are seen sporting black diamond jewelry.

    What’s more intriguing is that black diamonds are an amazing option for jewelry made for men as well! Wedding bands for men or bracelets for men are gaining rapid popularity. Due to its amazing color, many gentlemen are preferring Black Diamond Jewelry.

    Can Black Diamonds be used as Wedding Jewelry?

    Why not! There is no rule book for selecting your wedding jewelry, is there? You can certainly wear black diamonds on your wedding and they shall make a bold and striking statement! It’s just a matter of personal choice. 

    Where should I buy it from?

    Unfortunately, some people have started to artificially enhance the color of the low-quality colorless diamonds. They burn them in a rough state and give them the same opaque black look which gives them a striking resemblance to real black diamonds. Unfortunately, gullible buyers are unable to tell the difference between a genuine diamond and a fake one. This is why, it is crucial that whenever you are looking for a black diamond ring or any other jewelry studded with black diamonds, you must buy it through a reliable and trustworthy source like Zee Diamonds. We have a plethora of black diamond beauties that you can take your pick from. Visit us and check out our collection.

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