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    The History of Black Diamonds

    The History of Black Diamonds

    What comes to your mind when we talk about diamonds? Sparkly white and clear studded stones that gleam in the light. Not many of us have heard about black diamonds, but they are an equally precious variety that looks great in any piece of jewelry. In fact, they enhance the style quotient of the wearer quite nicely! Moreover, they add a hint of mystery and sophistication in every piece of jewelry they are studded in. Let’s find out more about these black diamonds and their origins.

    Black diamonds are also known as Carbonado. This name was given by the Portuguese because of the way they looked - like porous charcoal. They are also termed as polycrystalline diamonds because they contain several different kinds of minerals. Black diamonds are mostly found in the deposits of sedimentation of the volcanic lava in the river beds. They are more porous than other diamonds and the color can vary from dark grey to black.

    Black diamonds were first discovered in the year 1840 in Brazil. They are found in only two regions of the world, the Central African Republic and Brazil.

    Black diamonds have a huge amount of graphite clusters inside them which is the reason behind the black color. They have formed around 3.8 billion years ago and are exceptionally rare.

    There are varying beliefs regarding the black diamond in different cultures around the globe. In olden times, in Italy, it was believed that couples could save their marriage by simply touching a black diamond. Their marital problems would be transferred in the stone. In some legends, it is believed that touching a Black diamond can provide a person with good luck and fortune.

    Black diamonds absorb light instead of reflecting it. Their beauty and charm come from the surface which is polished like marble. They are the toughest of all the diamonds. That is why they are extremely difficult to cut and polish and measure a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. For a big part of the 19th and 20th century, it was believed to be fit for industrial use only and not for jewelry due to the difficulty faced by the jewelers in its cutting and polishing.

    Did you know it can take up to one year to cut a black diamond? It is a very time-consuming process. This is due to the unusual combination of graphite and carbon atoms that they contain. A great amount of time, patience, and effort are spent to create such a marvelous masterpiece.

    The origin of Black diamonds is still a mystery to many which actually adds to its allure and mysticism. Not everyone can come to a single conclusion about how they came into being. According to some geologists, they were formed through radiation. Others say that they were formed in outer space during a supernova explosion! Yes, you heard us right. They say that they were left on earth when an asteroid crashed millions of years ago. Black diamonds contain some traces of elements like nitrogen and hydrogen which are possible indicators of their extraterrestrial origin.

    It is said that Louis XVIII, who was the king of France owned a fine black diamond. It is believed that he paid a large sum for the stone and it was his most prized possession as he was a collector of rare gems. Another connoisseur of diamonds was Duke of Brunswick. He owned black diamonds of several shades and sizes.

    There are a few famous black diamonds in history that have made a name for themselves. One of them is the Black Orlov diamond which has a dark steely grey color. It is a 67.50-carat diamond and its origin is still not known. According to some historians, this stone was originally a part of the 195-carat diamond gem and was set in an idol in India until it was stolen by a monk. Some also say that it was in the possession of a Russian princess, Nadia Orlov.

    Now Black diamonds have gained a lot of popularity due to their mysterious charm and aesthetics. Many celebrities, including Lady Gaga, have worn black diamond jewelry. Black diamonds are extremely versatile and can be used in jewelry for both men and women. Now, they are being incorporated in wedding bands and rings as well.

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