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    Celebrity Black Diamond Engagement Rings And Jewellery

    Celebrity Black Diamond Engagement Rings And Jewellery

    While the colorless diamond is widely popular and prevalent, the black diamond’s popularity is also on the rise. Earlier, these diamonds were not considered to be very valuable and were held in very low regard. It was only in the 20th century that the high potential of these black diamonds to accentuate and add to the beauty of jewelry was recognized by the designers.

    Due to its recent popularity, the research in this field of a diamond is also fairly recent. It is believed that inclusions, unlike other colorless diamonds, are unavoidable in black diamonds and to an extent are a reason for its color. The naturally occurring black diamonds derive their color from mineral inclusions like graphite, pyrite or hematite. Another reason behind the color of the diamond is its numerous internal fractures. As a result, these are also more fragile and are difficult to cut and take care of.

    Although black diamonds are rare and fragile, they are not very expensive and are affordable. These are often cheaper than other diamonds.

    If you have a flair for drama, the black diamond rings are for you. Black diamond engagement rings have also entered the spotlight quite recently, thanks to celebrity exposure. One of the first introductions of the diamond to this world was in the film ‘Sex and the City 2’. Featured in this movie, that was released in 2010, it had brought everyone’s attention to the black diamond that Big presents to Carrie. Many celebrities have also sported this black diamond ring in real life as well.

    Carmen Electra - Her boyfriend Rocker Rob Patterson, popped the question to the former Baywatch star on her 36th birthday with a black diamond ring. The star loved the ring and said - ‘the ring is perfect for both of us. Different - just like our style’ The diamond is set on a thin platinum band and is estimated to weigh about 2 carats and cost about $100,000.

    Jennie Garth - This Beverly Hill star was proposed to by actor David Abrams with a black diamond engagement ring. The ring features a round black diamond surrounded by white diamonds. The stones are set on a gold band.

    Blake Lively - The Gossip Girl star is known to make heads turn with her fashion statement. On the screening of her husband’s movie Deadpool 2, Blake Lively sported huge black diamond earrings. She also wore a black diamond ear crawler on the premiere of her film ‘Age of Adaline’.

    Gwyneth Paltrow - In 2011 Emmy Awards, to complement her red-carpet look, Paltrow wore a stunning chain link of 50 carats black diamond and black rhodium bracelet to complement her lace dress. 

    If you’re a fan of black diamonds too, explore our magnificent collection at Zee Diamonds and pick your favorite designs!

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    3 Ct, 9-6 mm Pipe Cut Black Diamond Silver Chain Bracelet In Yellow Gold Finish. AAA Certified! Gift for Wife, Girlfriend

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    3 Ct, 9-6 mm Pipe Cut Black Diamond Silver Chain Bracelet In Yellow Gold Finish. AAA Certified! Gift for Wife, Girlfriend

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