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    Know about the world’s most expensive coloured diamond

    Know about the world’s most expensive coloured diamond

    Diamonds are known all over the world as being the symbol of eternal love. They’re popular, precious, and expensive and can be worth hundreds, thousands, or even millions!

    A diamond’s price is determined by a number of factors – clarity, cut, shape, and even the color. While most people are familiar with the colorless version, a number of colored versions of the stone also exists. Colour plays a major role in determining the cost of a diamond. Read on to find out what’s the most expensive colored diamond in the world!

    The most expensive diamond color is RED. This is because red diamonds are extremely rare. Finding a pure version is even rarer. Most red diamonds have a mix of purple, orange or brown.

    Coloured diamonds are graded on a scale of Fancy Faint to Fancy Vivid based on the intensity of their color. This isn’t the case when it comes to red diamonds. They only fall into the category of Fancy.

    What makes red diamonds even more special is the source of their color. Most colored diamonds get their color due to some impurities present in the stone. But red diamonds get their color from the change in the molecular structure of the stone itself.

    Red diamonds are mostly found in Australia, Africa, and Brazil. Only about 20 to 30 pure red diamonds have been discovered so far!

    Other diamond colors include blue, yellow, orange, and black. Yellow diamonds are the most common of the coloured diamonds.

    While red diamonds are rare, the most expensive diamond ever sold to date is another version of the red diamond – the pink diamond. The ‘Pink Star’ diamond was sold at a whopping 71.2 million dollars in an auction.

    Other valuable diamonds are yet to be sold. One such diamond is the ‘Hope’ Diamond. This diamond is rumored to be cursed. It carries with it rich heritage and a lot of stories and tales along with its beauty. This diamond is currently valued at 250 million dollars.

    While the Hope diamond holds the record for being the most expensive coloured diamond in the world, its value doesn’t just come from its color. It’s famous and historical which makes it even more valuable.

    Other notable diamonds that are coloured and also extremely valuable include – The Orange, The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond, The Moussaieff Red Diamond, and The Steinmetz Pink Diamond and The Ocean Dream Diamond. Zee Diamonds can help you acquire your favorite! Browse our selection for more details.

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