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    About Us

    Ravi Khorana

    After traveling to over 50 countries around the Globe, the enormous variety of these colorful sparklers was a treat to admire and collect. Rubies from Africa,Emeralds from Zambia and Columbia,Turquoise from Afghanistan, Sapphires from Ceylon, Amethysts from Brazil,Black and Blue Diamonds from Central Africa, White Diamonds from South Africa etc were all a treat to behold.

    It was then, twenty years ago that I started to showcase my gemstones to the world. Internet was evolving and what better place to showcase them for worldwide exposure.

    I have over 1,00,000 Gemstones in my collection including some rare Tanzanites, Kashmir Sapphires, Giant Diamonds and Rubies etc.

    This website is a humble showcase of a part of my collection.


    Sandhya Khorana

    Passionate about Jewelry, We have been selling Gemstones, Diamonds and Jewelry on various Global e-commerce online portals like Amazon, Ebay, Bonanza, Etsy and Indian Portals like Snapdeal, Amazon etc for over 18 Years. We source the Diamonds and Gemstones directly from manufacturers who import rough stones and have them cut myself so that I have an edge over others for pricing.

    I am a designer who has been designing Jewelry for clients for over a decade now.

    This site is a venture to consolidate my designs in one place and showcase them in such a way that we give the optimum benefit to the customers. My designs are all custom made and may take 2-7 days to manufacture.  All the Sterling Silver products can also be made in 14 Kt and 18 Kt Gold.

    All my Gemstones and Diamonds are of Top Quality and are Certified.

    In case you cannot find a design of your choice, please feel free to mail your design to me and ask for a quote.

    We undertake wholesale orders too. 

    We have a  Full Money back Policy in case of any dis-satisfaction.

    Welcome to my Jewelry World!




    6 mm Black Diamond Beads Necklace -Great Shine & Luster.16

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    6 mm Black Diamond Beads Necklace -Great Shine & Luster.16" to 28" options.

    29 Minutes Ago

    From Dubai