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    Fancy Coloured Diamonds: Which is the rarest colour of a diamond?

    Fancy Coloured Diamonds: Which is the rarest colour of a diamond?

    Coloured diamonds are known in the jewellery business as “fancy diamonds”. These diamonds are available in an array of tones, saturation and colours. Some of the most unique and beautiful jewellery pieces are made out of coloured diamonds. They are not just unique but are very precious too as they are the rarest in the world. In diamonds, rarity equals value. There are very few mines in the world that produce coloured diamonds which makes them so rare. The good news is, they come in a variety of colours ranging from faintest of reds to the deepest of blacks.

    Let’s look at a few of the most popular and valuable coloured diamonds:

    Yellow Diamonds

    Yellow diamonds are the most demanded stones in the market and are formed with traces of nitrogen in them. These are also one of the most common types of fancy coloured diamonds. To turn a colourless diamond into yellow, a nitrogen concentration of 0.10% is needed. This unique characteristic of this diamond has made it more desirable. The colour of a yellow diamond may vary from dusky brown to a deep yellow. The brighter diamonds are considered to be more valuable because of their vibrancy. Yellow diamonds are affordable and least expensive in comparison to other coloured diamonds.  

    Blue Diamonds

    One of the most famous coloured diamonds, blue diamonds has traces of the element boron present in them. It is also considered one of the most valuable diamonds. They range in colour from light blue to much darker and deeper shade, depending on the concentration of boron. Blue diamonds are rare and are found in very few areas of the world. Due to its rarity, they’re usually more expensive than white diamonds and other fancy colour diamonds.

    Orange Diamonds

    Orange diamonds get their colour from the presence of nitrogen in them just like yellow diamonds. Orange diamond is one of the rarest diamonds among violet, pink, blue etc. There are only two mines in the world that produce this diamond. To produce it the atoms must be aligned in a precise and unusual way. Orange diamonds often contain secondary hues of brown, yellow and pink making it a unique diamond. 

    Green Diamonds 

    The green diamond is known to be rare and fancy. The formation process of this coloured diamond is difficult to obtain as it is rare. The most valuable green diamonds have a pure green colour, medium tone, and strong saturation. A natural green stone with saturated hues is considered unique and the most sought after.

    Red & Pink Diamonds

    Found only in the mines of Africa, Australia, and Brazil, red and pink diamonds are the rarest and some of the most expensive diamonds in the world. 

    There are very few red diamond pieces in the world but pure and true red diamonds have not been discovered so far. The available ones are fancy purplish-red or brownish-red. Therefore it is the rarest diamond in the world. The rarity of the diamond makes its value very high.

    Coloured diamonds typically get their fancy hue from chemical impurities such as nitrogen and boron, but red diamonds contain zero impurities. It is all pure carbon making them incredibly valuable. There is no chemical impurity present due to the rare deformation in the atomic structure. The rarity of coloured diamonds isn’t the only factor that makes it valuable, the colour also plays a huge role in determining its value. 

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