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    Why people are buying coloured diamonds more now?

    Why people are buying coloured diamonds more now?

    Diamonds are one of the most sought-after and desired objects in the world. When we think of a diamond, visions of a sparkling clear, white diamond is most likely to come in our mind. Colourless diamonds have certainly ruled in terms of demand and are known as the most classic and admired choice for centuries. But in recent times, fancy colour diamonds have also been growing in popularity.  

    Coloured diamond prices have climbed steadily for the past several decades as more people have learned about them. Coloured diamonds are not just unique but are very precious too as they are the rarest in the world. They possess a very high value as there are very few mines in the world that produce these diamonds.

    The industry continues to boom, as the popularity of coloured diamonds is surging. They are becoming very trending as more and more celebrities are opting for coloured diamonds. Fashion-forward people are also incorporating some colour into their engagement rings, instead of the traditional colourless diamonds. This trend is one of the major reasons of the increase in popularity of coloured stones.

    As we know, coloured diamonds are among the most beautiful and eye-catching gems. Fans of these beautiful gems are moving towards a custom-designed setting with a sparkling coloured diamond for their jewellery. Considered their beauty, it is not a surprise that coloured diamonds are so valuable.

    Even gem collectors purchase a lot of coloured diamonds. These diamonds are also among the most popular exhibits at many museums.

    Donning a coloured diamond is a great way to express one’s individuality and style. Its uniqueness is what makes it desirable. Coloured diamonds are more valuable and expensive compared to white diamonds, making them a better choice for investments.

    In the world of coloured diamonds, choose the right colour that suits your style. Pick a unique piece from our magnificent collection at Zee Diamonds.

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