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    Important Tips for Buying Wedding Jewellery

    Important Tips for Buying Wedding Jewellery

    With all the hustle bustle around a wedding, the jewellery is obviously an important aspect which you cannot forget. In the middle of all the planning that a wedding brings with it, it is important that you don’t overlook the important nuances that have the potential to make your wedding jewellery extremely special. Especially in a country like India, where the jewellery finds an extremely important spot at the wedding. Here are a few tips when shopping for wedding jewellery that you could keep in mind.

    1) Buy your jewellery before you buy your wedding dress. The reason for this is because your jewellery will end up costing more than your clothing. When you are running on a budget, it is important that you keep a good amount of money for your dress, since that will be the highlight of your outfit. Do not make the jewellery the most important aspect of your attire.

    2) Make sure you choose jewellery according to the occasion. There are so many different occasions you are going to have at your wedding. From haldi to mehendi to the actual wedding day, it is important that you distinguish between each of these occasions and decide how heavy you would want your jewellery for each of them. In events like the cocktail party and the reception you could generally consider wearing your diamonds. However, in occasions like the mehendi and the haldi, having lighter jewellery makes a lot more sense.

    3) Investing long-term is honestly also an important part of your wedding jewellery shopping. Try and ensure that you pick pieces of jewellery for yourself that will last beyond the glamour of your wedding. Pick some pieces of jewellery that you will be able to wear into smaller celebrations and functions, without it looking dated. These days, there is also the trend of having detachable wedding jewellery. These can be made into something smaller and simpler at a later stage. Chokers have always been trendy, if they are the right fit for you. If you are comfortable, then it is a great addition to your jewellery collection. For the wedding and beyond.

    4) Do not overemphasize! It is important to have jewellery that looks great and catches the eye. However, over doing it is not the way to go. In fact, it is not such a bad idea to sometimes go with the idea of less is more when trying to narrow down your choices and options of wedding jewellery. Go subtle and stay simple.

    5) Understand your own neckline when choosing jewellery. Women have varying necklines, and therefore from the perspective of necklaces, every piece will look different on different brides. When you go wedding jewellery shopping, make sure you keep your eye out for your neckline when trying out the necklaces. Try and see what works for you and your neckline the best.

    6) Colour of jewellery that you buy is also an important consideration. It is your wedding so you will have an idea for the kind of look you would want to go for. Think and consider the colours of your jewellery accordingly. Consider what colour clothes you’d want and buy the jewellery according to that. These days, pastels are a great new fashion trend that have come up with diamonds. They are simple and subtle.

    7) Earrings that you buy, should match your hairstyle. When considering your wedding, think ahead. You should buy earrings for each occasion based on what hairstyle you are considering for that occasion. Some earrings go better with buns while others look better with braids. Consider with each occasion what is the look you are aiming for, before finalising on the jewellery.

    8) Most importantly, consider your comfort. This is your wedding and it is your day. It is important you are able to enjoy and relax at your wedding. Having jewellery that is uncomfortable will stop you from being able to do so. Your jewellery shouldn’t make you feel restricted. You should be able to move about with grace and ease. It is your wedding after all, and nothing should come between you and your ability to dance your shoes off!

    When shopping for wedding jewellery, take time and remind yourself that you deserve nothing short of the best. For more information and details on the best collections, explore through our Zee Diamond selection.

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