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    Five must-have black diamond jewellery

    Five must-have black diamond jewellery

    Black has forever been the fashion industry’s favorite colour. There is something sexy yet subtle about the colour that gives it an aura of mystery quite unlike any other. If you think black jewellery is quite the rage, imagine the magic that black diamonds can do!

    Black diamonds are one of the rarest things on earth, even more than their white counterparts. They are also harder to cut - some even take several years. In fact, it is widely believed that black diamonds don’t belong to earth and may have extraterrestrial origins. Research suggests that these black beauties may have formed in supernova explosions and ended up on our planet.

    Now that you know that this exotic jewellery is quite literally out of the world, here are five must-have black diamond jewellery that your closet shouldn’t lack.

    The Classic Cushion

    When it comes to black diamonds, the cushion shape is an absolute go-to. Besides, since black diamonds are bold as they are, nothing complements their beauty and eccentricity like the cushion shape.

    Here is our classic ring cut in the cushion shape. While the black diamond gives you an edge, the curves add a touch of novel elegance. You can also mix up your diamond shapes like in this layered statement necklace with cushion, round and pear-shaped diamonds.

    The Halo

    A halo is a jewellery design where the central black diamond is lined with little accents so that the piece appears to be glowing on the edges. It is a popular and sophisticated style that is sure to leave heads turning.

    Check out this gorgeous halo ring in floral design. The petals, lined with tiny white diamonds appear to make your little black flower glow. Your glow up need not necessarily come from white diamonds. Here is a halo ring lined with striking emeralds that give it a timeless charm.

    The Solitaire

    If you like to keep it simple and sultry, what you’re looking for is the solitaire black diamond. A solitaire is any piece of jewellery that contains a single diamond. Wearing a solitaire black diamond will set you apart as it represents strength and resilience. These stunning solitaire studs are perfect for your everyday look as well as party attire.

    Black & White

    Are you someone who wants the best of both worlds? Perhaps you want your jewellery to not go unnoticed and yet not come across as too flashy. Go for a mix up of black and white diamonds like this trendy diamond bracelet. Anyhow, what’s a better compliment than white is to black?


    And finally, because you’re here for the love of black diamonds, why not go all the way out? Jewellery entirely made of black diamonds is a total knockout. Check out this black-on-black ring accented with little diamonds and this lovely band ring paved away with black diamonds. After all, go black or go home, right?


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