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    Birthstone Jewelry – all you need to know

    Birthstone Jewelry – all you need to know

    Most of us have heard and know about birthstone jewelry. But do we know what are they? What do they represent? And have we ever wondered if they reflect individual personality?  

    Birthstones are intriguing to the people for their mysterious relevance and the powers they are associated with. Lots of stories surround their existence making them a topic of curiosity and discussion. Whether or not you entertain those stories is a different matter, simply knowing about them and their origins can be an enjoyable read. Let’s dive deep and know all about these birthstones and their types.

     What are birthstones?

    Conventionally, birthstones are associated with the twelve months of a year with each month having a separate birthstone for itself. A birthstone is a precious stone or gem that has been traditionally associated with centuries and ages with the month you were born in this world and is believed to carry personality traits and significant character by the wearer. 

    Birthstone jewelry is in the trend nowadays. They are a unique way to express individuality while looking elegant and subtle. Several pieces of jewelry are being created using these luxurious and stunning stones.

    Want to know what stone is associated with your birthday month? Let’s find out.

    January – Garnet

    Garnet is said to promote truth, faithfulness, and commitment. This is the reason is believed to be an excellent gift for newlyweds.

    February – Amethyst

    Amethyst is the stone for all the February babies! This purple stone is believed to be associated with chastity.

    March – Aquamarine

    Signifying faithfulness, courage, and friendship, Aquamarine is said to relieve stress and improve relationships. 

    April – Diamond

    Diamonds are said to have the power to enhance relationships and stand for protection and good luck. 

    May – Emerald

    Perfect for every occasion, Emerald promotes memory, works as a protective charm and stands for everlasting friendship.

    June – Pearl

    Promoting integrity, Pearls are said to bring good luck, modesty, and chastity to the wearer. 

    July – Ruby

    One of the most striking and high prized minerals is Ruby. It is also most famous for its red color.

    August – Peridot

    Also known as the "Evening Emerald," the Peridot brings power, influence, love, and loyalty to the wearer. 

    September – Sapphire

    Legend has it that Saphhire is a piece of the fallen night sky, and brings insight, loyalty, sincerity, and constancy to the wearer.

    October – Opal

    Embodying hope, purity, innocence, and confidence, Opal has a unique color spectrum that adds to its charm. 

    November – Citrine

    Citrine is known for its ability to release stress, balance emotions and bringing in spiritual energy to the wearer. 

    December – Turquoise 

    Bringing in good fortune, success, creativity, and spirituality to the wearer, Turquoise is a stone that can especially benefit people working in the travel industry. 

    Shop our versatile jewelry selection at Zee Diamonds studded with different birthstones and make a striking statement! 

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