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    How to know if your black diamond is real?

    How to know if your black diamond is real?

    Black diamonds are that mysterious, beautiful shiny diamond that comes in this alluring black color. And, yes, they are very much real. They’re very rare but also extremely popular. For years, they have been collected by royalties. 

    However, many similar-looking stones are circulating in the market. Although black diamonds occur naturally, they can also be manmade. While the look may be similar, they have a huge difference in value. This article talks about how you can distinguish between a real and fake black diamond before purchasing it. 

    Black diamonds come in three categories: 

    • Natural – These naturally occurring black diamonds possess more clusters of graphite inside them as opposed to the white diamond. This is what gives them their color. 
    • Treated Black Diamonds – A white diamond that’s subjected to irradiation and heat gives us the treated black diamonds. Mostly industry-grade white diamonds are used for this process. These diamonds are much cheaper than natural black diamonds. 
    • Man-made black diamonds – This is obtained by synthesizing them in the lab. There’s still ongoing debate if these stones should in fact be classified as diamonds in the first place. 

    The first step to identifying if a black diamond is real or fake is to figure out if it’s, in fact, a diamond. 

    1. Waterdrop test: A real diamond has a high density. Take an almost filled glass of water and drop the diamond in it. If it sinks to the bottom, then it’s real. If it floats on top or just below the surface of the water, then it’s fake. 
    2. The Dot test: Diamonds have very strong refractive power. The light bounces within them multiple times and never travels in a straight line. Take a blank paper and draw a dot on it with a pen. Place the flat side of the diamond on this dot. If you look at the paper through the pointed end of the diamond and see the dot, then the diamond is fake. 
    3. The Fog test: Diamonds are excellent conductors of heat. Hold the diamond or the ring between your fingers. Breathe out a wisp of air onto the diamond. The heat and moisture in your breath will cause fogging on the surface. If this instantly disappears, then the diamond is real. If it takes time for the fog to disperse, then the diamond is fake. 
    4. The Heat test: Diamonds are very tough. They can resist extremely high heat. Use a lighter to heat your diamond for a few seconds. Have a glass of water ready to drop the hot diamond immediately after heating it. A fake diamond will shatter due to the sudden expansion and contraction of matter. A real diamond will retain its form. 
    5. The Spark: Diamonds reflect light extremely well. Hold the stone under any light source. If the light bounces off the stone beautifully and you’re able to see several colored beams, then the diamond isn’t fake. A dull reflection means the stone is fake. 

    Now that the diamond in question has passed the test, it’s time to examine if the black diamond is naturally black or not. 

    Natural black diamonds are extremely difficult to cut. If your stone has too smooth edges and cut a little too precisely, chances are, it isn’t an authentic black diamond. Unless it’s also priced accordingly. 

    Examine the edges of the diamond properly. If you notice darker shades of brown rather than black, then it isn’t a real black diamond. The black color must be uniform throughout the stone. If there are different shades present then that’s a sign that you’re handling a fake stone. 

    You could also use a high-quality diamond tester for this purpose. That’s the one true and reliable test that can pick up the defects in the diamond that aren’t picked up by the human eye. 

    The most important aspect while purchasing a black diamond is to make sure you’re buying it from a reputed seller. Make sure you trust the shop and the source of the jewellery. A well-reputed shop is naturally not going to deal with fake products. Your black diamond must have a smooth surface, a good cut, and a very rich color that is characteristic of a natural black diamond. With Zee Diamonds, you don’t have to worry about fakes as we offer just the right selection for you.

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