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    Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

    Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

    There is no denying that every celebrity ring is extremely beautiful, made with rare jewels, and is therefore pricey. Celebrity engagement rings are often so outrageous that you can't help but stop and stare at it. As the size of the diamond increases, the number in the price tag increases. Let us not deny how fun it is to stare and know about these big, expensive rings of the rich and the famous. And if you are wondering how expensive these rings are and want to read more about them, you have come to the right place. We have covered some of the most iconic celebrity rings and lesser-known facts about them. 

    1. Meghan Markle - This celebrity has been turning heads and making statements much before her wedding. It is no surprise that she made it to the list. The former Duke of Sussex had popped the question with a three-stone ring set on a golden band. The royal wedding took place in May 2018. It is believed that the center stone was sourced from Botswana, the place where the couple had first met. The surrounding two diamonds belonged to Harry’s mother Princess Diana. While the center stone weighed about 3-4 carats and the surrounding stones weighed around 0.75 carats. Due to the center stone’s sharp cut and shape, it must have cost about $200,000 and each of the surrounding stones $5000. However, the cost must have appreciated several times due to the sentiment and the historical value of the ring.
    2. Priyanka Chopra - Singer Nick Jonas proposed to Priyanka Chopra with a beautiful cushion cut diamond. Sources report that Nick had shut the entire Tiffany & Co. store to buy this ring. The ring features an oval center stone with a baguette of diamonds surrounding it. The ring is believed to weigh about 5 carats and has a value of about $150,000.
    3. Angelina Jolie - While it was difficult for most of us to come to terms with Brad Pitt and Angelina’s breakup, Brad did a good job while picking up the ring for Angelina when they tied the knot. It is believed that he meticulously worked with the jeweler Robert Procop to finalize the sparkling stone. Weighing about 16 carats, the diamond is estimated to cost about $500,000.
    4. Katy Perry - Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announced their engagement on social media with a close-up selfie. The ring is flower-shaped featuring a pink oval center stone with eight surrounding diamonds. It is set on yellow gold. The center stone is believed to weigh about 4 carats but due to the gold ring and additional diamonds, it is estimated to cost anywhere between $500,000 to $2 million.
    5. Cardi B - One of the flashiest rings, the rapper’s engagement ring bears striking resemblance to this Paris Hilton’s ring. The pear-shaped ring features 8 carats including the massive pear-shaped center stone and two diamond halos. The diamond halos consist of one white diamond and one pink diamond. Pink diamonds are very difficult to find. The ring is believed to be set in white gold or platinum. The ring is believed to be worth $500,000.
    6. Kate Middleton - The list would be incomplete without the royal couple being on the list. Prince Willian, Duke of Cambridge proposed to her college sweetheart, Kate Middleton with his mother Princess Diana’s ring. The ring featured a sapphire and a diamond. It was designed by the House of Garrard. The center stone is an oval sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds. This ring is believed to weigh about 15 carats and cost approximately $500,000.
    7. Serena Williams - The tennis star sorted the ring for the first time on Reddit, gifted to her by the Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian. The ring features three stones and is set on a platinum band. It is believed to weigh about 12 carats and cost about $2 million.
    8. Kim Kardashian - One of the finest Lorraine Schwartz creations, Kanye presented it to Kim as a part of the famous stadium proposal in October 2013. The ring features a massive cut diamond - a perfect D flawless type 2A rock to be precise. The diamond is estimated to weigh around 15 carats and cost between $2 million and $4 million.
    9. Blake Lively - Gifted to her by Ryan Reynolds, the oval diamond is deemed to be one of the reasons why oval stones have risen to popularity. Designed by Lorraine Schwa rtz, this ring features a pink oval diamond and is estimated to cost $2 million.
    10. Beyonce - Another Lorraine Schwartz creation, Pop Royalty Beyonce wears one of the most valued diamonds in the world. Jay-Z gifted this diamond to his ladylove. The ring features an emerald-cut diamond - weighing about 25 carats and is estimated to cost around $5 million back in 2008.

    The above celebrity engagement rings are a testament to a diamond’s regal charm and everlasting elegance. Shop at Zee Diamonds to explore some master creations and be the proud owner of this timeless gem!

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