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    Top Trending Diamond Ring Designs 2020

    Top Trending Diamond Ring Designs 2020

    Even with the Covid-19 sending everyone into lockdowns, the symbol and exchange of love have still been there all across 2020. Engagement rings are a symbol of love and of a lifetime of commitment. It is really important that your engagement ring reflects you and your style. Of course, if you are considering your options and trying to understand what diamond rings you would want for your engagement, there are ample trends going around in 2020 to help you with the same. Here are the trending diamond rings of 2020 that you could consider for your own engagement:

    1) Fancy Cut Diamond Rings:

    As the name suggests, this is a trending diamond ring this year which isn’t your traditional round ring. This makes it one of the most popular rings this year, simply because it moves away from the status quo and conventional ideas. This is a great way for you to show some bit of your personality through your engagement ring that actually sets you apart. Another huge plus is that fancy cut diamond rings actually tend to be a lot less expensive than your regular circular, brilliant-cut rings.

    2) Vintage Engagement Rings:

    Taking a page out of engagement rings that have been trending for eras, consider looking at rings that actually have a Victorian-era of royalty to them. This ring is brilliant because its beauty is based on its details. There are intricate patterns that set this ring apart and make it so unique. The ways in which they are designed really bring in the glamour as well as a brilliant antique feel. The designs of the rings are almost timeless.

    3) Rose Cut Diamond Rings

    There is beauty in simplicity and this ring is nothing if not a representation of exactly that. These rings used to be popular back in the 1500s, where they have a flat bottom and domed top, resembling the shape of a rose bud. Hence the name of the ring. These are simple rings, which are classy in their own brilliant way. They also have the advantage of looking larger than their actual carat weight, which makes you get more from a comparatively cheaper amount.

    4) Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

    These rings have been setting trends for years, and here they are again in 2020, still at it. However, this year it takes on a more understated take on an established trend. A hidden halo is a setting where the sparking halo of pave diamond sits just below the stone. From the top, the ring looks just like a solitaire. However, on the sides of rings are intricate details which definitely add more beauty to the ring. If you want to commit to something a little simpler. This is a great trend for you to jump into.

    5) Three Stone Engagement Rings:

    We would be lying if we did not admit that this trend was definitely heightened by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. This uber-sparkly option is full of rich symbolism. It is known as the trilogy setting, where the three stones are meant to represent the past, the present and the future. That is quite beautiful symbolism right there, for a very happy couple. It has a beautiful mix of being simple and yet so intricate. And what’s more, this trend is still going just as strong in 2020. If you want an option that reminds you of a symbolically forever with your partner, this is the ring option you are looking for.

    6) Two-Stone Engagement Ring

    These are also known as the Toi et Moi rings (French) an engagement ring with two stones, offering twice the bling. These also in fact have a very special meaning. The two stones side by side, so close to one another, is meant to symbolize two souls becoming one. This is an all-time favorite trend from 2020. It is not something that wasn’t always around. But that’s the thing with trends of love, some of them just never grow old because their symbols and meanings just have so much weight and value.

    Choosing the right ring is not simply a matter of choice and following trends blindly. Make a choice that reflects your personality, current trend, and choose what you like best from Zee Diamonds.

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